Please meet Frank and Carola, the bikablo akademie core team trainers that will be on tour this summer in the USA!


My name is Frank Wesseler and I am really happy to be part of this tour! For most of my life I have called Neuss and Düsseldorf (Germany) my home, apart from one year in Shanghai and one year in Latin America. My professional roots are in lean six sigma and management consulting. I have always loved working with people, understanding processes and passing knowledge on to someone else. For over 15 years I have been supporting major corporations in process improvement projects, workshop facilitation, team building and trainings.

Once I came across bikablo® and visual facilitation I couldn’t stop using it as part of my work. The visualization of complex processes and situations adds a lot of value for my customers and enable me to do a great job. The marriage of the structured Lean Six Sigma approach and the impact of visualization enable me to do two things that I love.

I never dreamt of becoming a bikablo® trainer and seems like a dream has come true. Last year I attended the IFVP conference in Washington where I met a lot of great people and when I talked to Carola after the conference, the idea of this US training tour was born. The support of Martin and the local hosts made this tour become reality and I looking forward to see you at one of the trainings :)

I love travelling, languages and meeting people. I have been to the US many times and am looking forward to see good friends and to make new ones.

I’m Carola Keitel and I am a mediator, visual facilitator and artist. My preferred application of visualization is in dialogue- and mediation situations. From 2011 to 2012 I was associate at art university Kassel, Germany and I’m living and working in Cologne, Germany since 2010.

Through my trainer accreditation at bikablo® akademie and the Kommunikationslotsens* facilitator curriculum, my paramount interest lies in the combination of both, visualization and facilitation/mediation. Together with my lovely bikablo® colleague Andrea Rawanschad, I developed a special training format for the application of visualization in mediation processes.

For a long time, this training journey was a dream of mine, which is now turning into reality. Since long ago I wanted to dive deep into the american way of living and working – as as an artist, I love to immerse into the culture and make up close experiences. I am curious about the origins of visualization & graphic recording and where huge parts of organizational development come from. Ans I am looking forward to the encounters and stimuli I will get during the tour.
Would be nice to see you there!

*Kommunikationslotsen is a process facilitating consultancy and mothership of the bikablo® akademie.