Inventing and manufacturing are the core pillars of our traditions.

We approach both actions with passion and with many years of experience.

In our production facilities in the heart of Germany we design and manufacture products for participatory formats. An important step toward the creation of our products is prototypes; which are thoroughly reworked until every single element is fine tuned.  Only then do we go into mass production, which takes place in Eichenzell, with support from our associated suppliers all over Germany and neighboring European countries. At every step and sub step we attach great value to the quality and sustainability of each product.

Neuland products are designed with lasting durability in mind and therefore, extra attention is given from inception to the production stage to ensure our strict criteria are fulfilled.

Neuland is a parter of bikablo® akademie and the exclusive reseller of bikablo® products. We support the 2017 USA training tour.

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