Frequently asked questions on our USA road trip 2017

If you don’t find your question answered, ask Frank!

The Brands

What is bikablo®? Bikablo® (short for the german word BIlder-KArten-BLOck) is a Germany-based, international brand and registered trademark for learning hand-drawn visualization. Thousands of sketchnoters, visual facilitators, graphic recorders and other visual thinkers rely on our products and training since a decade.

Who is the bikablo® akademie? We are a training company based in Cologne/Germany with a core team of 20 trainers and an international community of licensed trainers. Only bikablo® certified trainers conduct trainings with the bikablo® methodology. We are part of the Kommunikationslotsen network, a business consultancy that also offers Graphic Recording/Visual Facilitation services and co-hosted the Euviz Conference in Berlin in 2014.

Who is Neuland? Neuland is a learning tool manufacturer based in Eichenzell, Germany. They are parter of bikablo® akademie and the exclusive reseller of bikablo® products. Neuland supports the 2017 USA training tour.

Who is the IFVP? The international forum of visual practitioners is the global meeting point for sketchnoters, visual facilitators, graphic recorders and other visual thinkers. IFVP runs a website and an annual conference.

The Method

Why is the bikablo® method different from others? We think that bikablo®, a system that has developed over 15 years, has a strong, logic inherent systematic to enable anyone to express him/herself visually. It consists of a specifically designed visual vocabulary, rules of how to draw and combine them, versatile graphical templates and is taught in proven didactical learning steps.

What about training copyrights? The bikablo® technique and our training concepts are protected by copyright. As a participant in one of our trainings you acquire the right to use the imagery, drawing techniques and visualization methods you have learnt for your own work.

Is this training also available in-house? If you are interested in our in-house training program, please ask our office for information.

Do you offer more training concepts? We developed training concepts for Sketchnoting, Visual Scrum, Visual Storytelling, Graphic Recording, Visual Meeting Facilitation, Visual Consulting and many more. Ask our training manager Gesa for details.

Can I also teach the bikablo® method? Should you be interested in passing on the bikablo® technique to others or running training sessions based on the bikablo® training concept, please get in touch with Frank.

The Tour

What is the role of the local hosts? Local hosts are essential part of the road trip. They care for marketing, registration, location etc. for the two-day-trainings on the tour. They are all friends and professionals in the field of visual thinking and facilitation.

Where do I register for a training? Who is my contractual partner? You register at the correspondent local partner for each session. She/he will send you an invoice and is your contracting party.

What is included in the registration fee? The location, tuition and snacks, an exclusive starter-set and follow-up photo documentary. If you like, you can also become part of our online community.

Who do I ask for support? The bikablo® akademie, the trainers or the local host? Please ask local hosts for anything related to registration, billing, venues and organization of the correspondant courses. Our training manager Gesa at bikablo® akademie is your dialogue partner for issues related to the brand, copyright, future events and our open or in-house training portfolio. Please ask Frank if you want to learn more about the road trip project and our international license training program.

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