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IFVP Decatur

IFVP 2017 in Decatur

I am lagging a little bit behind. We arrived at the IFVP conference in Decatur yesterday! After driving up from Miami to St. Augustine, we took a little road trip to Atlanta. The weather here is crazy. We received flash flood warnings on our mobile phones. The perfect weather for a conference though, as you […]


Bienvenido a Miami

We have safely arrived in the US. Even though we had a pitstop in Fort Myers – due to the presidents arrival in Miami, the airspace was closed – flight and arrival were very smooth. The Wolfsonian FIU museum was one of the first things we visited and I ran into the book “How to […]


Packing has started

Next week to the day we will embark on our US training tour!! Only seven days left. We decided to start packing already and as you can see, the suitcase for material is already 3/4 full. The rest of the material is shipped to the US. We will receive it at the IFVP conference in […]