IFVP proposal submitted

IFVP 2017Last years IFVP was an eye opener for me and probably one of the reasons we are running the US training tour this year. My colleague Stefan and I met incredible people, learned tons and had lots of fun.

The circumstance that IFVP is not taking place in Singapore but in Decatur has turned out to be a good thing for us. The timing could not have been better and IFVP 2017 will be our starting point.

We also decided to submit a proposal to be presenters in Decatur this year (http://2017.ifvp.org). Carola, Martin and I worked on suitable topics and were able to submit the proposal at the last minute :)

It literally was the last minute, as we were also busy preparing the tour.

Now we’ll see and wait what the conference board decides. In any case we are looking forward to conference.