Bikablo® products offer a wide range of visual vocabulary, picture ideas and methods and inspire visualisers worldwide. They are all based on the drawing technique that we teach in our training sessions. Texts are in German and English. Our products are exclusively distributed by Neuland.

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bikablo akademie - bikablo 1

bikablo® 1 – Visual Dictionary
The “first bikablo®” (image card block) is your admission ticket to the world of visualization: a unique reference work of visual communication with hundreds of successful visual symbols on 131 pages using the easy-to-draw bikablo® technique. Revised edition. ISBN 978-3-940315-21-2


bikablo akademie - bikablo 2.0

bikablo® 2.0 – Visual Dictionary
Bikablo® is getting reinforcements! The most popular figures, graphics, symbols and poster layouts – and chapters sorted by topic such as “Workshop/Meeting/Seminar/Training” or “Company/Organization/Market”. ISBN 978-3-940315-05-2


bikablo akademie - bikablo emotions

bikablo® emotions – Visual Dictionary
Small figures with big emotions! bikablo® emotions presents two new, simple to copy figure types of people to show emotions and interaction with others – from A for ‘amazed’ to Z for ‘zealous’. ISBN 978-3-940315-16-8


bikablo akademie - bikablo icons

bikablo® icons – Card Box for Visual Methods
120 symbols, 30 action and 60 emotion cards in the practical Novario® box: it has never been easier to enrich your visualization using the popular bikablo® motifs! Includes detailed supplementary booklet, empty cards and 3 marker. ISBN 978-3940315151

bikablo® Toolbox

“What materials do I need to be a visual facilitator?” This is a common question asked routinely from excited people ready to begin, but don’t know where to start. The answer can now be found in new bikablo® Toolbox, with Neuland products selected by the bikablo® akademie! The premium professional tools come encased in a sturdy cardboard box filled with: 3 Outliner markers, 1 Outliner RefillOne, and 11 specially selected BigOne marker colors ideal for accenting and shading. It also includes pastel chalks for creating attractive surface colors and 100 white rectangular Stick-It Cards. The case is wrapped up with a large elastic strap with 6 loops for holding extra NoOne and BigOne markers whilst keeping your case securely closed. The highlight component in the bikablo® ToolBox is the “12 bikablo® FlipChart Tips” booklet, which explains how to use and optimize all of your tools on a flipchart, along with handwriting suggestions, color combinations, basic pictograms, and text containers.Content: Elastic strap with 6 loops, 1 booklet, 100 white rectangular stick-it cards, 8-color Jaxell PastelChalks, 1 Refill Ink RefillOne, 2 Outliner, wedge nib, 2-6 mm, 1 Outliner, wedge nib, 6-12 mm, 11 Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib, 6-12 mm

bikablo akademie - sketchbook

bikablo® Sketchbook – with Visual Templates and Exercises
A sketchbook with an inspiring “symbol cheat sheet” and simple visualization tasks to introduce you to the basic logic behind bikablo® drawing techniques. For you to practise visualisation, note down ideas or just doodle.

bikablo akademie - Lernlandkarten

Learning Maps by Kommunikationslotsen
Concentrated facilitating know-how for World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Conference, Open Space, Visual Facilitating, Project Management, Storytelling, Dynamic Facilitation and The Circle Way,  briefly explained and concisely illustrated.