Successful Atlanta training!!

Once the IFVP conference was finished, we moved back from the hotel to our AirBnB host. Due to the bad weather conditions, one of the huge trees came down from her garden onto the road. Fortunately nobody was hurt. We just saw the hole in the garden, everything else had been cleaned up very quickly.

Say Hi to patch, 65 years old, 10 kg

beautiful botanical garden :)






We enjoyed Atlanta, spent some time in the botanincal garden, the puppet museum and prepared for our first training. We started on monday when we loaded everything onto Jennys trailer, so that we could bring everything to the training location on monday morning.

Carola, Jim and the crew

the magic muppet drawer






The training location could not have been better. We had enough space for everyone and perfect working conditions. Both, Carola and I, were very happy and humbled that so many of our participants flew in for the training. We had a fantastic group of people in the room. We’ll share more about it in our next post.

on our way to the location







two happy camper






We had a little moment of truth after the training. This was the first time, when we had load all the material into our car. Guido and Verena Neuland were very generous. They sponsored a little more material than needed, which is great for us and the participants :)

“empty” car

“full” car