St. Joseph, Missouri – visiting friends

After our training in Chicago, we made our way to St. Joseph, Missouri to visit a good old friend of Frank. We started our journey early morning into the great plains. We asked some training participants for recommendations on the way – other than Grinnel College, we only heard of corn fields :)

We stopped for lunch at Grinnel to have a short break in our 7-8 hour drive.

St. Joe is a small town approx. 30 mins from Kansas City. They have the famous Jesse James museum and you can learn about the Poney Express. This is where we slowly felt like we arrived in the Wild West. We were looking forward to see our friends Beau, Chelsea and their two kids. We had a great time there and just relaxed a little bit, before driving on to FoCo (Fort Collins).

Here are some snapshots.

Late breakfast at Pepos Street Tacos. Yummy!!

The Paradox Cafe which is run by Beau and Chelsea. Beautiful little space in a nice old building. Had the best coffee there!!

This old elevator is from the early 1900s and part of the building. It is not functional any more, but it looks very nice and has got this old charme.

While driving through “the hood”, we found this sign-graveyeard. Incredibly what people throw away. If we would have had more space in our luggage, we would have taken some ;) Probably not the Aldi one…

Farewell dinner – cajun food and some gator bites (not in this picture though)