Packing has started

Next week to the day we will embark on our US training tour!! Only seven days left. We decided to start packing already and as you can see, the suitcase for material is already 3/4 full. The rest of the material is shipped to the US. We will receive it at the IFVP conference in Atlanta. Then, we will discover if the car we rented is large enough to fit everything ;-)

The trainings are filling up nicely. Only two seats left in Atlanta – hurry if you would like to attend the training. We’d love to have you on board. The same applies to Philadelphia, where there are a couple more seats left. Tell your friends :)

The whole tour will start with two breakout sessions in Decatur:
– Drawing visual storytelling cartoons with bikablo emotions
– Discover the bikablo technique

After all the planning and meeting on Skype, we will finally meet some of our local hosts in person again. It would have been great to have them all there in Decatur.

I have to go and prep the icons wall. Icons wall? Yes, icons wall. I will tell you during the training what it is ;)