New York, Rio, Tokyo

Time flies. It’s already August, which means that we will be flying home at the end of this month. Ten weeks sound like a lot of time. If you are travelling through the US, it feels like a drop in the ocean. The country is just too big and has too much to offer. We have experienced great people, nature, cities and not to forget the food and we still have a lot in front of us we are very much looking forward to. We just left for Chicago and Carola and I are very excited to meet up with Brandy. After Chicago we will have too long stretches to cover – Chicago -> Fort Collins and then Fort Collins -> San Francisco. We are not looking forward to the long drives but definitely to everything we can take in while being on the road. So much for the future – now back to our stay in the big apple.

Jill and I on our way back after training day 1 in front of the The New York Time building

We started our stay by joining an album release party of Kenny and the eggplants, which was fantastic.

Loved the HiFi bar and the lyrics of their songs, even though we didn’t fully understand everything ;)

Jill Greenbaum (our host in NYC) and her husband Steve invited us to the HiFi bar in East Village and Carola and I had a blast. The bar, the people and the music were fantastic and we could not have had a better start. It also was a nice coincidence that we were close to Tomkins Square Bagels, where we could put our hunger to rest after the long drive. We had been there on our last stay in NYC and fell in love with their Bagels.
The next day we prepared for the training which took place at WeWork  Pennstation. It was quite an adventure to manage the traffic (thank you Steve), get adequate parking (thank you Steve) and haul everything into the elevator (thank you Steve). We had just enough space to fit everything into the room and still have a comfortable setting. We had a great group of people from all over the world and good energy in the room. Even though the trainings are taking place in the US, we had people from Madrid, Montreal and Tokyo this time. I know that we will have a person from Columbia (the country) at our training in Chicago. We really appreciate that people are travelling that far to participate in our trainings!
For lunch, it was funny for us to encounter a restaurant called “Essen“, which means “eating” or “to eat” in German, which was just around the corner and provided great food – no german food though, but we weren’t looking for german food either.

The rest of our free time in the city, we spend time at MoMa, Central Park, meeting friends and free floating through the city.

Glutenfree bun and a concrete (ice cream) – the 2nd time we went, we discovered the fifty-fifty (half ice tea, half lemonade), which is also called an Arnold Palmer, after the golf pro, who created the drink.

I already mentioned in the last post, that we had the chance to visit the Society of Illustrators. Another recommendation was Shake Shack, which both Carola and I enjoyed. The great thing about the people that you meet on the road is, that you won’t just get any recommendations, but also some history lessons :) This one is, that the original Shake Shack venue is in Madison Square Park. Madison Square Park, was where they started setting up The Statue of Liberty when the French first gave it as a gift. BUT: The French gave the US the statue, but not the base. So to raise money they set up the hand with the torch in the park and you could pay to walk up it and look around. Seeing that hand with the torch coming up out of the ground in the 1870’s must have been something!

After NYC, I was looking forward to meet my old Xerox colleagues in Honeoye Falls, NY. I had worked at Xerox Europe for 13 years and we were happy to have BBQ with five colleagues and their families. As we didn’t have that much time, we left the next morning for Detroit. We stopped at the Niagara falls along the way and arrived in Detroit late in the evening.

Beautiful Niagara falls!

The next blog entry will be about Detroit and I would like to mention that we loved it there!

Movie advertising for the new Detroit movie, which will be released this week.

If you have already read that far, I might as well add two more things :)
1) There is this a thing amongst our trainer-team back home, that a pink t-rex has joined us on training tour here in the US (for no particular reason). One of our trainers (Ramona) has drawn some sketches, what this might look like.

2) As there are so many people from other countries joining our trainings in the US. We have some trainings coming up in other countries than Germany or the US. Check them out here in case you are interested.