International training in Cologne

I am about to enter my last week of bikablo® training before the US training journey begins. The coming week will be a special one though. We are running two international trainings in Cologne. The first training will be like the ones we are about to run in the US. The second training is going to be a visual storytelling training. I am very excited about it, as it will be a melting pot of nationalities. Lots of different languages and energies in the room, all there to learn a visual language – bikablo :)

Some of the participants are coming all the way from Japan, Canada or Saudi Arabia to participate! And for some of us it will even be a reunion :) Stefan and I ran a basic international training last year and now the participants are coming back for the storytelling training next week.

As there was a lot of interest in the training, we will offer another international training later this year – when I am back from the US tour. The closer it gets to departure date, the more excited I become. Carola and I just bought tickets for Dave Chapelle, while we are in Atlanta :)