IFVP Breakout Sessions

Wow! A fantastic IFVP conference ended yesterday. Carola and I had a great time. We ran two breakout sessions ourselves (which were very well received by the way) and attended some sessions as well.

Without going into too much detail, I would like to share some impressions:

From canvas to camera: This breakout session was hosted by Matthew Magain, gave lots of great insight and was soooo much fun. As a group of three, we created this video in the breakout session. I did the voice over ;) … and the takeout at the end.

Discover the bikablo technique:

We had 30 people attending our breakout session, where we introduced the bikablo technique. We had a great energy in the room and the participants achieved great results in the 90 minutes we had together. That was no surprise, as we had visual practitioners in the room ;) The feedback revealed, that the participants appreciated the way we breakdown the visuals when we teach how to draw them.

Diamonds in the rough:

Jim Nuttle hosted a session, where he simulated a live graphic recording situation. Jim is such a charismatic and genuine person and was able to teach us a lot of nice tipps and tricks. Thank you Jim!! Ben Tinker did this great recording of Jims session.

Storytelling with bikablo emotions:

Our second session was in a different room, which we called “Miami”. This was due to the fact, that climate in the room resembled a swamp. We had mosquitos in the room, wrinkled paper and the walls were sweating. Nevertheless, we gave a short input into the bikablo emotions figures and into storytelling. The participants appreciated the way we delivered the session and the german engineering approach. Everyone was happy to leave Miami with a bunch of new ideas :)

We met great people here in Decatur and we are sure that we will meet some of them again while we are on the road. We know for sure that we will meet at least two of them monday and tuesday at our first training here in Atlanta. Jenny Trautman (IVP president) did a great job with this years IFVP and we are both happy to have her as our host. And we will also see Renata Algalarrondo (IFVP board member) whom I met at last years IFVP for the first time and we had to much fun together :)