IFVP 2017 in Decatur

Greg Whicker is doing really nice work with his 3D visuals

I am lagging a little bit behind. We arrived at the IFVP conference in Decatur yesterday! After driving up from Miami to St. Augustine, we took a little road trip to Atlanta.

The weather here is crazy. We received flash flood warnings on our mobile phones. The perfect weather for a conference though, as you are spending the time indoors anyways :)

It is fantastic too meet all the great people that I met at IFVP 2016 in Washington for the first time –  like a little reunion :) And at the same time it is great to meet a lot of new people. One and a half days are already gone and I don’t know where the time went….

Mary Alice Arthur is hosting the conference and she is doing a great job. She is very easy to listen to and she is fluent in german too ;) We also attended a session by David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling, Ph.D. about Visual Consulting. They are writing a book about this topic and they revealed some insights to us.

The last session I attended was called “From canvas to camera”. Matthew Magain hosted the session and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot and really liked the insights that he shared.

Tomorrow is the day when Carola and I will be hosting our first session. We are very much looking forward to it and I will share some photos here :)

we pimped out car ;)