IFVP 2017 breakout session proposals have been accepted

The first registrations for our trainings are coming in. We are very excited about these positive developments! We also got word today that both of our proposals for IFVP 2017 have been accepted.

The breakout sessions we proposed are as follows:

“Discover the bikablo® technique”:

We successfully presented this breakout session at last years IFVP already. Stefan and I were newbies at the IFVP in Washington and were a little nervous before this first breakout. It worked out really well. We got really good feedback :)

The session focusses on an introduction into the bikablo® technique. We explain how the system behind bikablo works and jump right into practical application in groups.

As you can see in the picture, we were using small and large format in Washington. We’ll see what the setup will look like in Decatur.


“Drawing visual storytelling cartoons with bikablo® emotions”

This session is a new session, which has not been presented at IFVP last year. It focusses on simple storytelling cartoons using bikablo® emotions figures.

We have taught this session many times in Germany and will bring it to the US this June. We will explore how to draw figures, add emotions and combine them to simple visual stories. The session is going to be very interactive – bikablo® style :)