Grand Teton National Park

WOW! Breathtaking…

We took a wildlife tour in Grand Teton National Park with Josh Metten – a friend of our Fort Collins host Karina Branson. We startet at 6am into the sunrise and met two big male mooses enjoying some herbs. It is undescribable how it feels to see these wild and big animals: It was so peaceful and calm – just the snake river rustling in the background.

During our 8hrs trip we saw bald eagles, pelicans, a female elk, male pronghorn, a herd of bisons AND… a grizzly with two of her cubs. AMAZING! They were in the bushes eating some berrys. That was so cute: When I imagine how big they are and how they harvest these little berrys – nature is wonderful!

We were lucky to catch wild flowers, as the season is almost over … and a lot of sagebushes.

Isn’t that incredible?

Josh brought binoculars for us so we had the chance to see the wildlife as if it would be just next to us.

We enjoyed our lunch in between this beautiful herd of bisons. When we stopped in a bit of a distance they startet to surround and finally pass us so we had the chance to see them very clearly.

We are humbled in front of this beauty and diversity. I hope that this will be able to endure! It would have been wonderful if we had the chance to see the full eclipse. Unfortunately the traffic and our schedule didn’t allow us to stay in the path of totality. But we hope that we can have an inkling how it would be when we see the partial eclipse in California.

This kind of special offers for an event is like an attraction for us Germans ;-)! Here we see the eclipse on top of muffins. Yum or yak?