Getting ready for Philly training

We are very close to our 2nd training in the US and we are very much looking forward to it. We had some time to refuel our batteries. This is what gave us a lot of energy.

We visited Steph Brown in Washington DC and spent 4th of July watching the parade. It was very hot and we were happy to find a good place to watch the diverse groups passing by.

We made our way to the coast to enjoy some beach time and found out that Berlin is not just the german capital, but also the coolest small town in the US.

We spent a perfect day at Assateague National Park where we first met a family of 13 who shared their lunch with us, watched wild horses at the beach and finished off with a perfect rainbow (not to mention the dolphins we saw)

Today we left for Philly and Nate was very sad that we had to go ;) We had a great time at our house in Piney Point.

We are now preparing for the training, which will start on Tuesday. In our first training in Atlanta, we had a very diverse group of people – all with different backgrounds. We are keen to see who will be in our 2nd training. If I’d have to compare the trainings we run in Germany, with the one we had in Atlanta, the main difference is that there are no pinboards here in the US ;)
Carola and I learn a lot while we are travelling through all the different towns, meeting so many different people. Many Americans love the German Autobahn because you can drive as fast as you like. The one thing that I like about the German Autobahn is that you can drive faster than the trucks. Every time I look into the rearview mirror on a US highway, I have one of these beasts breathing down my neck ;)
The nature is breathtaking and we are looking forward to everything that is still ahead of us. First of all the next training.