Fort Collins and Colorado

After a long ride through Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska we arrived in Colorado and met Karina Branson – our local host. She showed us around her house where she has chickens, a green house and a nice garden where she and her husband Spencer are planning and building a veggie garden. Impressive! And we made plans for the next day… and decided to drive to Cameron Pass to climb up to 10.249 feet.

Mission accomplished! It was very windy up there!

And we found some snow – bikablo snow.

On our way down we allowed us a little rest in the warm sun.

We also passed some meadows during our hike where we had the chance to admire some wild flowers. This one was our favorite: It’s called elephant’s head. Do you see the little elephants? So beautiful!

AND… We found edible mushrooms which were puff balls, boletes and tooth mushrooms. And had an absolutely delicious dinner with them. Frank whipped them up for us with rice noodles, almond butter and parmesan. Yummy…

This is Karinas house mate Moxie, also called Foofeeeee (This is how you pronounce it with these e’s – because she is so fluffy). We had a lot of fun with her and she visited us in our bedroom to show us some blanket games ;-)!

And of course we also ran a training. Here you can see us dancing after preparing the room at Wolverine Farm. Karina instigated us to dance in front of the camera… So we followed her instructions! Here is the result:

The training was again terrific. We had a fantastic group of people and great results, which made us very happy.  So we rewarded us with our first s’mores experience. Spencer and Karina made a nice campfire for us and showed us the science of s’mores. Here you can see how we preheated the Graham Crackers and the chocolate to make them nice and smooth before you enjoy them sandwiched with the grilled marshmallow.

Did we like it? Hm… I don’t know… The ritual is very nice! But I (Carola) would be also happy with grilled marshmallows ;-))!
On a sidenote: Preparing s’mores might be dangerous if you are not wearing propper shoeware. A spark of glow made its way on Franks foot and he didn’t realize until it was too late. His socks were turned into golf socks (18 holes) immediately and it left a small burn. Poor Frank…

After these lovely experiences we had to leave again… Heading to the Grand Tetons National Park – read about that in our next post!