Forever grateful and DC training

After leaving New Jersey, we made our way to Shanandoah national park to enjoy nature a little bit and relax, before the really long trips of our journey will begin. We stayed at Forever Grateful Farm in Brightwood, which we found on AirBnB by accident. It’s a small farm with guinea hogs and chicken. The guinea hogs were great. Don’t think I have seen them before. They feed on grass and have black hair. Nice little fellas :)

Guinea hogs

We found some time to take a canoe trip and go hiking. The farm itself was a gem, as they are running it sustainably and both hosts were good fun. They are very religious and it was an interesting experience for us.

We then made our way back to Washington DC. It felt a little odd, as we have been there before. We have been on the road now for five weeks and it felt like we weren’t making progress. That’s not true of course, but somehow it felt like it.

It was VERY(!!) hot when we arrived and we couldn’t really do a lot. We tried spending time at a museum, but couldn’t really enjoy it. The weather beat us. And I had to hide my leatherman outside the museum in a little flower bouquet, as I couldn’t take it with me into the museum. We wanted to use it to cut fresh fruit that day ;)

We ran the training at TechShop, which is a fantastic location. It is a playground for creativity, an open-access, DIY workshop and fabrication studio.

Finally we can post a picture of our participants. We forgot asking in the other trainings, if we could post group pictures online (we are learning our social media legs). So here they are.

After class, Steph, Carola and I met up with Greg Gersch and Mark Korsak and went for dinner to close out a fantastic training in Washington DC.