Final stop – San Francisco

We just finished our last training at The Grove International Consultants and are back in our apartment. The suitcases are almost packed and we are working on the training photo documentation. Everything is sinking in and we chat about the 10 weeks we spent in the US. It is impossible how fast time flies by. But before I summarize the trip, let me tell you about our stay in San Francisco.

We spent Eclipse in Reno (Las Vegas little brother), where we experienced the national convention of the Amercian Legion. We stayed in the same hotel and it was an interesting gathering if we can put it that way. We didn’t see that much of the Eclipse, as we weren’t in the path of totality. Carola caught a glimpse, as I didn’t have any special sunglasses and wasn’t that interested to be honest. We were totally on path to San Francisco and after a short drive (approx. 4 hrs) we arrived safely.

After settling in on monday night, we spent some time on tuesday to explore the city. I met old Deutsche Bank colleagues, who are in SF by coincedence and Carola ventured through the city.

We walked up to gusty Twin Peaks. I was not really in the mood for hiking that day to be honest, but the view was fantastic.

A classic – Pier 39 and its sea lions.

a common San Francisco sight – we learned that the local people laugh at tourists who arrive here with shorts in August – way too cold…

Wednesday around noon, we arranged the training room. We drove to the Presidio and checked in with the Grove. It was great to finally meet Bobby and Cody who had been in touch with us before. They showed us around and we learned that the Star Wars studios were right next door (more on that later).
After setting the room, we met with Jill Greenbaum for dinner. Jill was our host in New York and she was in San Francisco for work. It was so nice to see her again. We had a fantastic time in Chinatown and had delicious dinner. We also saw some creepy looking statues on top of one of the buildings here in SF and today I found our what they are. They reminded me of Assassins Creed and Carola and I agree that we don’t really like them ;)

Chinatown: on our way to dinner.

start of training day 1

Enjoying dinner with Malgosia, our host at the Grove after training day 1.

Nice sunset in San Francisco

Meeting up with Yoda after our last training. The orange lightsaber in my hand and R2D2 (the neuland trolley) right next to me.

It is very difficult to summarize this trip. 10 weeks are very long and very short at the same time. The country is just too large to experience in 10 weeks. At the same we saw so many different things. We are very grateful for having had this opportunity. All our hosts were fabulous and supported us in making this happen. Not just by hosting the training, but also by welcoming us in their lifes/homes.  The same applies to neuland, who supported us with their terrific supplies. We were lucky to have started at the IFVP conference in Decatur and jam-packed our car with the graphic wall, flipchart easels, paper, markers, etc.
Last but not east the team behind the scenes at bikablo in Cologne. Thanks for having our back :)
We learned so much about the country and their people and we felt very welcome here. We also learned a lot during our training workshops. We are already dreaming up some plans when we will come back. Watch this space :) There will be a training in Toronto at the beginning of October already. Once the registration site is up, we will let you know. Our fabulous colleague Andrea will be there to run the training.


See you next time! Looking forward to that!