Detroit – the underestimated hidden gem

It seems like a long time ago that we were in Detroit. It has been over a week, but I still like looking at the pictures and taking in the experiences that we have made in Detroit. It was Carola who wanted to go there. She had read about some artist projects and also how Detroit was coming back from the ashes of the motor city decline. I had been there a couple of years ago and quite liked it, though I didn’t have the urge to go again. It was a discussion with Gregg Gersch, who is from Michigan, that intruiged both of us and we wanted to follow his recommendations.

Our first stop was at Dutch Girl Donuts. A rather small establishment in the hood. 19000 should not be mistaken for 1900, the year it could have been established, it is just the address.

Great Donuts, probably the best ones we have eaten so far!!

Breakfast at the water front :)

After our breakfast, we walked around a little bit and followed more recommendations. We went to the Guardian building. It looks impressive from the outside. But the inside took my breath away. It feels like stepping into a movie.

This is where the elevators were.

What a space to have bank counters at!!??

The building is now an office building but it looked a lot more like a cathedral from the inside. Incredibly cool. The webpage of the building says “Cathedral of Finance” – and that’s exactly what it looks like: It’s build like an expressionistic church but with symbols of money and merchandise rather that figurines of Mary or Jesus. Very interesting how they just applied the forms to express their – can I say – new religion: money.

We took a tour around the city in the people mover, as it was the anniversary of the public transportation something and all rides were for free. The Beacon Park is pretty new and it had life music for lunch, which we enjoyed.

Another building which took our breath was the Fisher Building a little bit further out of downtown. In a split second, we were in another movie. It was incredible how well everything had been preserved.

The history of both buildings is fascinating, but I don’t have the time to type it all up. I can only recommend to read it and to visit Detroit. It is defintely underestimated. As we usually do, we added the Sticker to our Graphic Wall :)

On our way to Sagatuck at Lake Michigan, we visited the Henry Ford Museum. I would have loved to take the factory tour, as I also work as a Lean Six Sigma consultant, but we didn’t have enough time.

Fantastic Mc Donalds sign, which has been in operation until a couple of years ago.


Before taking off to Chicago, we then relaxed a day at Lake Michigan.

Beautiful Lake Michigan. We were super surprised how big it is. No difference to an ocean really – water is not that salty ;)