Welcome to Chicago! What a great experience and what a fantastic city. We fell in love with Chicago (probably because we had a terrific host and city guide who loves the city with a passion – thank you Brandy)
The day we arrived in the city, we also learned, that the Lollapalooza takes part in Chicago every year – surprise! We made our way through the traffic jam and arrived at Brandys place.

Chicago is a beach location after all

One of the first things we learned about Chicago was that it’s a waterfront city. That would never have occured to us before. Lake Michigan does a very good job in terms of imitating an ocean! There is a beach and a lot of possibilities to be active at the waterfront – just b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.
When you are in Chicago we can recommend a little run or a little stay at Edgewater.

Gotta love Garretts popcorn!!

Garretts is the place to popcorn-be! We tasted a Chicago mix which is cheddar cheese and caramel. Uh! I would have sayd that this is just gross… But it was AMAZING! That kind of popcorn you can’t find in Germany! We are very impressed (and our mouths are watering at the thought of Garretts popcorn)…

Donuts at Do-Rite Donut. They have glutenfree and they also have … maple syrup bacon topping – it was too early in the morning for it though.

The bacon thing with the bagels was then a little too much for our german habits ;-)! We like our cheese or sausage on a bun.

Great city tour guided by Brandy!

Chicago has a very rich and colorful history what you can explore when you have an architectural tour. We had the chance to get one tour with Brandy what was fantastic because she knows the city inside out. One of the first things we saw was the bean from the british artist Anish Kapoor.

The Bean! also known as Cloud Gate

Fascinating glass dome at the old public library.

Another stop was the old public library which is now a cultural center for the city. It’s very beautiful from the outside – but you should go inside: it’s a gem! There is a lot to explore about studying, history and relations to old europe. The books of the library in those days were a gift from England (we think) because of the big Chicago fire in 1871. So the community decided to build a building for the books – and there you go!
Watch out for the nice saying on top of us ;-)!

Welcome “The Summit”. Great location for our training :)

Apart from our city exploration, we also had to run the training :) We were lucky because we could prepare the room the friday before the training. Conducting a training in a facility that you have never been before is always a little bit of a surprise. This one was a particularly nice surprise. The Summit is a fantastic location. Everything had been taken care of and the food was just fantastic. The Summit is located very central, which makes it easy to enjoy the city right after the training. We spotted a (drums please) nutella cafe. People were lining up in front of it. I had never heard of such a thing… It would probably popular in Germany as well, I bet.

The Chicago class!!

Now, the class as such was just fantastic. It was a little different to our other classes. Because of Brandy’s participation in the training, we had ample opportunity to discuss different approaches to visualization, etc.. Brandy was very happy to share her experiences and everyone joined the reflection and discussion phases. We enjoyed it a lot and embraced this opportunity. It felt so natural to run the training together with Brandy, it was very seemless.
After all we were sad to leave Chicago. We very much enjoyed the company of Brandy, Jeremy and Gunther and the city as such.