Bienvenido a Miami

We have safely arrived in the US. Even though we had a pitstop in Fort Myers – due to the presidents arrival in Miami, the airspace was closed – flight and arrival were very smooth.

The Wolfsonian FIU museum was one of the first things we visited and I ran into the book “How to draw type and influence people”. It reminded me a lot of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, which I really liked. So I bought it and had a first glance when we hit the beach. I am quite intrigued by it and will work my way through it while on this tour.

We are still fighting the jetlag (Carola is just telling me that she has beaten it already) – so I am still fighting the jetlag. That leaves me quite tired in the evenings and I didn’t find the time yet to spend time on the book. We will keep you posted.

We made our way from Miami to St. Augustine already and have another 6 hours drive ahead of us tomorrow to arrive in Atlanta (and to see Dave Chappelle).