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bikablo® US tour

US-tour website launched today

It all started with a loose idea a couple of month ago. After my return from IFVP 2016 in Washington I was impressed by the community of visual facilitators in the US. I started talking with Martin and Carola and the idea of this training journey was born. Preparing the tour with our local hosts […]

Visa approved

Visa approved

We started the day early to be on time. You don’t want to mess with the officials when you want to get the visa :) We left our phones at the train station, as no electronics are allowed inside the consulate. Some of the applicants didn’t know and the corner store business close to the […]


neuland on board

Carola met with Safak Holyst of neuland today. Carola was running a training at neuland headquarters in Eichenzell and she embraced the opportunity to meet up over lunch. She described our tour to her and explained our goal and Safak was delighted. neuland will be supporting us throughout our tour and we are very thankful […]

IFVP proposal submitted

Last years IFVP was an eye opener for me and probably one of the reasons we are running the US training tour this year. My colleague Stefan and I met incredible people, learned tons and had lots of fun. The circumstance that IFVP is not taking place in Singapore but in Decatur has turned out […]